I teach contrabass and e-bass at public music schools in Mühldorf and Essenbach as well as at the Ruperti-Gymnasium in Mühldorf. Beside this
I´m teaching worldwide masterclasses and workshops for Minibass education and arrangement. (link workshops)
In this, I place great importance on customized lessons and focusing on students’ individual abilities so that I can help them in the best possible way. The most important lesson to be learned is that making music is fun!

Starting my students very young on my self developed „Freudenstein-Minibass“ I taught far more than a hundred bassists during the last years and made them become eclectic musicans.

Some of them are making already a living in music:

  • Valerie Schatz (Akademistin im BR Symphonie Orchester)
  • Elisabeth Büttner ( Kontrabass Lehrerin Musikschule Weinfelden, Orchestra of Europe)
  • Nininko Mayer (freischaffender Kontrabassist – Studium bei Professor Grabner in Leipzig)
  • Simone Kreuzpointner (Studium an der Hochschule für Musik in Nürnberg bei Prof. Dorin Marc)

Many of my students are sucessfull in the throughout german competition „Jugend musiziert“