Claus, I was impressed with your bass performances,… the tone of the upright bass is very rich, your technique is superb. 
Wyzard – Mothers Finest


Claus Freudenstein is a highly dedicated professional doublebass player, elctric-bass player, educator and composer.

He studied doublebass at the „Hochschule für Musik und Theater“ and at „Richard-Strauß Conservatory“ in Munich under the guidance of Thomas Jauch, Mathias Weber and Professor Klaus Trumpf. He gradutated with highest qualifications. Claus studied Electric-Bass at „Bass School Munich“ under guidance of Georg Kolb, Eric Kisser and Horst Polland.

Beside playing in many orchestras (see list below) Claus Freudenstein founded the international doublebass Quartett „The Bassmonsters“ that unites European top bassists to bring the doublebass playing in a new dimension. The publication of the CD „The Bassmonsters – Classic meets Rock“ is an impressive proof for this work.
Also the soloprogramm of Claus Freudenstein is dedicated to this topic. (see music/solo)

The development of his instrument „The Freudenstein-Minibass“ as well as the publication of his books (see media) made Claus become a leading international Doublebass pedagogue.
He did Workshops and Masterclasses in Hong Kong, Malta, Germany, Taiwan, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, England and in the United States of America.

Claus Freudenstein is the organizer and artistic director of the „Bavarian-Bassdays“ ( Since the first edition of the Bavarian Bassdays in 2014 the Bavarian Bassdays became an European major event in the bass world.

His versatile artistic work made Claus work and play together with numerous musicians, orchestras, ensembles and other national and international institutions of music and arts:

„The ISB – International Society of Bassists „
„The European String Teachers Asscociation“
„The Bavarian Basscamp“
„Deep Purple“
„Galicia Graves“
„Contrabass Conversations“
„Tenerifa Symphony Orchestra“
„Malta Philharmonic Orchestra“
„Orchestra de Baja California“
„German Radio Orchestra“
„Bayerische Staatsoper!
„Walter Ino (Survivor)“
„Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot)
„Münchner Rundfunkorchester“
„Rudi Zapf und Zapfn´streich´“
„UTRGV Bass Club Texas“
„The Iron Maidens“
„Andres Martin“
„Enrico Fagone“
„Philipp Stubenrauch“
„SoundPost – Arts and Music“
„The Colburn School Los Angeles“
„Robert Landfermann“
„Wildes Holz“
„Thomas Hartmann“
„Herbert Pixners Backstage“
„Paul Mann“
„Richard Whilds“
„Die Münchner Symphoniker“
„Bad Reichenhaller Philharmonie“
„Theater an der Rott“
„Simon Garcia“
„Recital Music“
„John Alexander“
„Kulturschuppen Mühldorf“
„Universidad Juarez del Estado Durango“
„Steve Morse“
„The Bass Gang“
„Alberto Boccini“
„Jeff Bradetich“
„Andres Benetzen“
„Kristin Korb“
„Festival de Percussão de Portimão „
„Adrian Marusczik“
„Jonas Hellborg“
„San Diego State University“
„John Alexander“
„John Law“
„Cherry Tsang“
„Divinity Roxx“
„Rocío González Benítez“
„Richard Whilds“
„Bayerische Basstage“
„Musikmesse Frankfurt“
„Matthias Michael Beckmann“
„Sabine Kraus“
„Eva Barbarino“
„Polizeiorchester Bayern“
„Prof. Matt Hare“
„Prof. Petru Iuga“
„Emilio Yeppes“
„Szymon Marciniak“
„Barry Green“