Claus Freudenstein Solo

In his solo program, double bass magician Claus Freudenstein creates a mixture of chamber music, jazz, rock and world music. A unique performance, which draws the audience to frenetic applause and inspires listeners of all ages until the last second of the concert. Worldwide!

Claus Freudenstein & Thomas Hartmann

In short, a concert in a class of its own and a real listening experience, for Beethoven admirers and rock music fans alike.

— Wolfgang Schweiger, Berchtesgadener Anzeiger
Los Angeles – Whisky a Go go

Claus, I was impressed with your bass performances,… the tone of the upright bass is very rich, your technique is superb. 

— Wyzard, Mothers Finest
Teatro Victoria – Durango/Mexico

There was this one moment when you could have thought: Adele is about to enter the concert hall. But then it wasn’t Adele who sang. It was Claus Freudenstein’s double bass. And already after the first seconds it was clear: You don’t necessarily have to miss Adele now…

— Katharina Ober, OVB
Fortaleza – Brazil

Larissa – Greece

Edinburgh – Texas

Hong Kong – China

Bayerische Basstage – Bavaria